The list below includes only the speakers that have already confirmed their participation. The list is permanently updated until the beginning of the event.

Adela Jansen

HR Executive Director at
BRD Groupe Societe Generale

Adela Jansen is the Executive Director of Human Resources of BRD - Groupe Societe Generale, one of the largest employers from the Romanian banking system, with about 8.700 employees, and i the second bank in Romania in terms of assets. Adela joined the BRD team in October 2003 and she has an experience of over 20 years in the management of many fields such as: human resources, sales, marketing, communication, business development and logistics.

Adrian Oprea

IT Recruitment Consultant at

HR is my place to be, because I have a natural drive to help people. I like to get my inspiration from many places, always looking for ideas that I can crunch together. That's why I'm interested in innovative, simple & efficient HR practices that can provide the best results. During my three years that I've so far spent in recruiting, I've learned that nothing is more valuable than constantly being on the lookout for alternative solutions. On the other side, the will to solve business problems and a sheer desire to discover the good things in people.

Alexandra Marin

IT Recruitment Consultant at

I am a passionate and result driven IT Recruitment professional with over 3 years of experience in the recruitment field. Since January 2013, I specialized myself in IT recruitment starting with both entry level roles and also Architects and Manager roles. I consider myself of being people oriented and I enjoy helping professional to go a step further in their career. I also enjoy challenges and I aspire to be one of the best recruitment professional in the country and to deliver high quality in any terms and for both parts clients and candidates. Until this moment I am proud of having the best results in delivering top talents to our clients and also for helping young professionals to develop their professional career.

Amelie Johansson

Project Coordinator at

Amelie was born and raised in Sweden. She currently lives in France, where she works as a project coordinator at AMSED. She has been involved in a number of international youth projects throughout the years as a trainer and facilitator. Amelie holds a masters degree in political and social sciences from the University of Strasbourg.

Andrei Lasc

Creative Head at
Cu substrat

After 8 years of Math and coding I made a shift to advertising. Here I twist words and put them together in smart headlines. Than I design them and then I start over again. I built my own business starting from Cu substrat (translated as Witty/Double meaning) which is a zero budget project gone viral.

Anna Gyða Sigurgisladottir

Social entrepreneur and director at
Problem? Oh, That s An Opportunity

Anna Gyða is a law student from Iceland with a big passion for documentary filmmaking, being concerned by human rights and other global issues. In 2008 she began working with Amnesty International and took part in creating the Youth Action Group in Amnesty International Iceland. In 2011, she went to Burma and, along with some other change makers, created an organisation called Burmaction that focused on getting young volunteers to teach English in non-governmental critical thinking schools. They saw education as the key to democracy change in Burma. She became a certified Global Changemaker in 2012. Since then, Anna Gyda has been making a documentary film about social entrepreneurship called Problem? Oh, That's An Opportunity. She is also the director of global networking at a social enterprise called Reconesse Database; the world's largest online database of women achievers of the past and present. The mission is to move us closer to gender equality by giving people more diverse female role models.

Bogdan Botescu

Head of Digital Marketing at
BRD Groupe Societe Generale

Innovative banker and entrepreneur with background both in IT and accounting having international expertise (in Europe and Africa as well). Interested in innovation projects, organic development projects. Always looking for a challenge.

Camelia Mihalcea

Head of International Relations at
EURES and Mediation Directorate, National Agency for Employment (ANOFM)

Camelia Mihalcea joined National Employment agency in 2003 and she successfully managed projects such as "SAFE -Services for a Flexible Approach of Mobility at European Level" (European Social Fund project). She worked in public institutions for more that 30 years gaining relevant experience in organising and coordinating public activities, aquired by coordinating the Statistics, Labour market analysis and EURES Service, the Technical Secretariate of the National Council for Elder Persons, the EURES direction of the National Agency for Employment activity. Her entire work is dedicated towards improving European job opportunities for Romanian citizens together with offering high quality services for both workers and employers.

Cătălin Dogaru

President at
PMI Romania Chapter

Catalin-Teodor Dogaru, MBA, Ph.D. and PMP - President of PMI Romania Chapter, trainer, consultant and managing partner at TSP, currently working as Development Director for Electronic Arts, Catalin is an enthusiast of project, process and program management, that seeks out constantly the talent and novelty in this professional domain. The games, sense of humor, but also the engagement and tenacity are just a few of the elements contributing to the delivery of successful trainings, workshops and presentations, to which participants would return at ANY time (the participants' opinions, not our own, we assure you).

Catalina Azamfirei

Solution Creator and founding member at

Catalina is a marketing &communications professional with extended expertise in various industries and part of the team that founded the first Romanian crowdfunding platform addressed to socially responsible persons. Passionate about helping people with ideas to transform them into entrepreneurial experiences she offers consultancy step by step for crowdfunding campaigning.

Simone Limburg

(ex)EVS Volunteer at

Simone is 21 years old and from Germany. As a participant in various exchanges and workshops within the Youth in Action Program, she got interested in the field of European issues, methods of non-formal education and intercultural communication. Her European Voluntary Service with AMSED in 2012 gave her the chance to deepen her knowledge in these fields, to get to know the organizational and logistical aspects and to promote the program to other young people. Simone is currently studying political sciences in Lille/France.

Diana Voicu

State Secretary at
the Ministry of Information Society (Romania)

As a digital leader for Romania, my every-day goal is to rebuild Romania digitally, through smart information & communication technologies. My territory of work is mainly surrounded by the National Strategy for Digital Agenda 2014 - 2020, which aims to drive Romanian citizens and businesses to get the most out of the new technologies and help boost the national economy accordingly. My professional achievements have been powered by working towards developing policies, strategies and projects that have put Romania on the European digital map, for more than 10 years. The most innovative programme that I led towards success is "Knowledge based Economy", a European and internationally recognized project that revived 255 k-deprived communities across rural Romania via intelligent use of ICT.

Diana Fălan

HR Communication & Employer Branding Specialist at
BRD Groupe Societe Generale

Diana is handling the creation and implementation of the company's employer brand strategy, but also the communication needs of the HR department, being in contact with many young graduates from different campuses. A communication professional with more than 7 years experience, Diana managed so far both internal and external communication, in Banking and FMCG industries and is part of the BRD team since 2010. She is a graduate of the Academy of Economic Studies, the Commerce Faculty, bachelor and master degree, having also a master degree in Management and Business Communication with SNSPA.

Elena Coman

Programs Manager at
Techsoup Romania

Elena has been working for more than 11 years in the Romanian non-governmental sector. Her professional experience ranges from project management to media expert in special editorial projects with mainstream and niche media, focusing now on projects that help NGOs and youth to master technology. She managed a dynamic communication department for several years. Always a first grade teacher at heart, she specialized in youth projects that empower youth to get ready for real life career choices: from innovative hands-on internships with journalism and communication students, to programs that prepare high-school students or students for tech related careers.

Elisabeta Moraru

Industry Manager at

Elisabeta has over 10 years experience in sales, marketing, business development and training. She has been Industry Manager at Google for over 2 years. Previously she was part of the management team at Xerox and Microsoft. Elisabeta has a Ph.D. in Mass Communication, a master degree at SNSPA, and a master at University of Bucharest. She is an Associate Trainer at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication and believes in the Education initiatives that can make a difference.

Andreea Tundrea

Grants officer at

Andreea has a strong professional background in the NGO field. She has expertise in youth projects, voluntarism and non-formal education. Founder and active member of a youth NGO for 5 years, she has coordinated groups of volunteers, both local and international. As a trainer in youth work, project management, inclusion of vulnerable groups, Andreea was also a member of the pool of trainers in Youth in Action Program. At the moment she is working in CSDF (Civil Society Development Foundation) as Grants Officer for projects financed within the Program of EEA Grants.

Gabriel Brezoiu

General Manager at

Gabriel is a Romanian trainer and project manager specialised in the non profit field at national and European levels. He has over 7 years of experience in youth projects focusing on social media, project management and communication. He is a Founding member of GEYC and the initiator and Program Manager of GEYC Resources Center. He has been trained in over 10 European countries on various topics.

Iulia Tutuianu

Grants officer at

Iulia worked since 2010 until 2013 as a coordinator in an EU Structural project and managed all activities regarding stakeholders such as unions and NGOs, elaborating procedures for events such as conferences, trainings, seminars, lobby and advocacy activities and monitoring the cycle of the project to be implemented in respect with the official agreement. At the end of 2013, she successfully succeeded to perform advocacy actions that supported the transparency law ('Sunshine law') to be amended, at this moment being in force a more coherent regulation that encourages civil society to get involved in the public policies elaboration process. Since 2005 until 2010 she worked as an expert in the presidential administration drafting external and internal analysis of the constitutionality of laws before promulgation and coordinating the law department team for publishing a monthly law breviary for public information. She holds degrees in law and business law. She is also certified as lobby specialist, mediator and trainer.

Marina Sirobob

Tax consultant and Ambassador at
the university Alumni association

Marina holds a Master's degree in Business Education and now works as a tax consultant at EY in Frankfurt, Germany. She has implemented a student ambassador's program for the university's alumni association ABSOLVENTUM and has worked as a student ambassador to promote the association. Marina believes that intelligent networking can improve the chances for employment.

Miruna Covaci-Zavoi

Communication Officer at
ANPCDEFP (Erasmus+ National Agency, Romania)

Miruna joined the ANPCDEFP team more than 6 years ago, after having worked as a journalist for Gandul national newspaper. She was communication & Eurodesk officer and action officer for the Youth in Action program and currently she is part of the communication team for the new Erasmus+ European financing program. She is interested in nonformal learning methods and she was actively involved in the National Agency's events and projects promoting them and the complementarity between formal, nonformal and informal education.

Ramona Chivu

Deputy Project Manager - SMARTER at

Ramona is a Romanian professional specialised in International business, non-formal education and digital awareness projects. She is one of the initiators of SMARTER project, a founding member of GEYC and a member of GEYC Board of Directors. Aiming to make a positive change through volunteering, Ramona believes that GEYC's endeavours in the new media fields are supporting young people to raise their employability and self confidence.

Roxana Rugină

CEO & Co-founder at
Simplon Romania

Roxana Rugina is a technologist and communication expert engaged in social and disruptive innovation. She is passionate about new technology, remix culture and innovation in education. Her working experience with NGOs, international companies, governmental institutions, agencies and startups brought her to Simplon.co France. Enrolled in the first promo of Simplon.co she has been learning Ruby & Ruby on Rails for 6 months. Today she is managing various web projects and mobile applications. On the long term she believes that everyone should learn how computers work and how we can use technology to build new businesses. Her entrepreneurial drive determined her to move to Cluj, where she co-founded Simplon Romania, the Romanian branch of the French startup Simplon.co. After 6 years of experience in web, marketing and communication, she wants to help more people to learn how to code, develop digital & entrepreneurial skills to solve real problems with long term positive impact on societies.

Todi Pruteanu

Business Strategy Manager at
Microsoft Romania

As Business Strategy Manager at Microsoft Romania, Todi Pruteanu leads Corporate Communications, Citizenship Programs and strategic initiatives for the company that enable a business environment where information technology is valued for its economic and social impact. In his previous roles at Microsoft, he covered evangelism, business development and marketing functions. Since 2012, Todi is the Vice President of the Employers' Association of the Software and Services Industry (ANIS), with a focus on the development of the domestic market. Todi is strong believer that the IT industry, as a competitive sector in Europe, can make a better impact in boosting the productivity of the Romanian economy.

Konstantin Warnowizki

law graduate and digital entrepreneur at

Konstantin is a German law graduate and currently busy founding a digital start-up, including an online community for horse riders as well as licensing online stores. He has volunteered in Beijing and served in the student government of his faculty for two years.

Bogdan BARLA

Public relations officer at
European Parliament Information Office in Romania

Bogdan is a graduate of European Studies Faculty - Cluj-Napoca and has an extensive experience in the field of marketing and communications. After working several years in the private sector, he joined the European Parliament Information Office in Romania in 2011, as Public Relations Officer. In this position, he deals with general communication activities, organizing events and he also manages the online and social media activities of the office. He contributes to the general objective disseminate good quality information about the activities of the European Parliament and EU within the Romanian society.


Cultural manager at
Academy of Literature, Arts and Sciences

Social media can help the participants and entrepreneurships of the complex european cultural market to integrate skills and to target different, constantly developing publics. In order to build an European identity, the cultural industries should adapt their contents, their production and distribution tools to the actual communications scenarios. Digital media can improve the education and self- awareness of producers and prosumers about their role, impact and responsability in the European society, as well as help to multiplicate the project results and guarantees.

Maria Tores

Public relations officer at
the Academy of Literature, Arts and Sciences

She has 8 years experience working in quality evaluation and cooperating with non profit organizations as an evaluation expert and as project manager. She is involved in projects that minimize social and cultural barriers to guarantee an equal acces to information trough the acces to digital tools. In the field of formal education, she carries an investigation about narratology models.